it's lights, camera, action with the most shareable fun on the planet.      get ready to get giffed. 

Combining photography AND video, NOW|MOTION creates animated GIFs...from still shots!  Guests dance, shake it or strike a pose whilst our cameras take a series of photos. Branding and animation are added automatically and the finished gif/video is uploaded on the spot.  Guests can access using their ticket, email or share instantly from a sharing kiosk.

Share onto Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or just email it to your friend and watch the GIF loop again and again. 

NOW|MOTION also has the ability to generate multi-frame shots, which can be printed and also shared.



With Facebook announcing it now supports GIFs, now is the time to get inventive and have your consumers engaging with your brand, whilst creating their super shareable moment.

NOWlMOTION - Pantene 1.gif


The NOW|MOTION photo add-on takes photos to a whole new level of possibilities for your brand.