professional quality roaming photography that uploads instantly onto a brand's social media pages. there's only one now|cam.

Perfect for events and activations where a stationary booth won't do, the NOW|CAM roaming solution maximizes the number of consumers your brand can reach. As a photo is taken, an overlay artwork from the brand is instantly applied. A call to action ticket is printed or a branded email is sent, which directs the consumer onto a brand's Facebook page, website or event gallery. Alternatively the consumer can share straight away on social via NOW's sharing kiosk or roaming tablet.

Not only is NOW|CAM versatile but it also gives a fantastic ROI from using a photographer. NOW|CAM creates a mobile touchpoint between the consumer and your brand that capitalizes on the fact that the public love sharing photos. NOW|CAM merges real experiences at an event with your brand's digital platforms. Watch as guests like, tag, comment and share live at your event leading to thousands in online reach.

The NOW|CAM is 100% mobile and operates anywhere in Australia that your phone does. Our NOW staff work on behalf of your brand to give the consumer a great experience with one fantastic photo!

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